Okay I have a confession, my last name isn’t really Flower… but at one point, I thought it was! I remember the moment very clearly, I was learning my last name and I misheard “flower” instead of “Fowler”. Oh the joy that rushed over me! I thought I had the most beautiful name any little girl could have wanted.  Sorry Dad, but really any name other than “Flower” would have paled in comparison.  It’s true that when I married my husband I added his last name to mine but sadly, you guessed it, his last name wasn’t “Flower” either, it was Mair. I guess in the end though I kinda got my way… you can find me, Lysa Flower on Facebook , Twitter,   Flickr and Instragram! There. Full circle!

My mission: to seek the extraordinary in the everyday ordinary, as I draw, design and #sewlikeamothertrucker my way through life.

In-between all that, I live in a yellow house, on an acreage between Maple Ridge and Mission. Here I live with my musically inclined husband with our funny and interesting science experiments (our boys)! My family keeps me on my toes, inspires me and reminds me not to take myself or life too seriously. Thanks for popping by! I’m so glad you did.

Thanks for popping by