My Mom

So this is my Mom. Say hi Mom. She says “hi”. She’s a little shy like me which is probably where I get it from. My Mom flew out from Alberta so we could celebrate her birthday. It’s kinda a big deal. Cough-cough (she’s turning 60!)


It isn’t actually her birthday until the 27th but we’ll take what we can get so we can spoil her, just like she has for us.

A few treats

We did try too go for tea at the Little White House like we did back in May (where and when these photo’s were taken) but we were there to early and when we came back they were full.


We had a chance to poke around the store though. They’re all set up for Christmas now, it’s very sparkly!

Tyypewriter stamp

The Little White house has oodles of wonderful treasures. This is a stamp, the fanciest stamp I have ever seen but a stamp none the less.


Last time we were there I bought these knobs for our studio. What’s that, are they up yet? Nope! But considering it took us three years to find the perfect knobs we are really making traction now!

Quilt at Litte White House-Fort Langley 2012

If you do have a chance to visit Fort Langley and get to the Little White house don’t forget to go upstairs. The staircase is a little narrow and steep (why did they make stairs that way back then?) but it’s worth the adventure. That’s where I found this quilt!

Table setting flower at Little White House-Fort Langley 2012

Speaking of adventures, the blogathon is still on. I hope your having a fun adventure checking out all the awesome blogs. Today they are in the Yukon!

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Charmed life-2011

No, no, no silly! I don’t mean me (coyly batting my eyelashes)! I’m referring to Raeanne Schacter, also known as Raeanne Fabulous. And she is FABULOUS! Raeanne helped me out with my photos for this site. She made the experience so very painless and I’m thrilled with the results! What do you think? Here is a sample of her work.

detail of Charmed life-2011

This drawing is called “A charmed life”. The Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild was generously given charm packs from Robert Kaufman (All the modern quilds really). Of which we were challenged to create a quilt that contained every colour in the pack. I couldn’t help myself I just had to draw it first!

Charmed life-2011

If you want to see more of Raeanne’s photos just click on the little gallery button up top, right there, right by the blog button and have a click through. All the individual stash drawings are listed on the left hand side. If you’d like to see more of Raeanne, I mean Mrs. Fabulous’s work you can check it our on her site here, oh and she is in an up coming show too!

side Charmed life-2011

Oh yes and the blogathon is still under way (day 3 to be exact) so be sure to check out our BC hosts Cathy and Felicity’s blogs. I had a chance to visit about half of the blogs so far- pretty amazing stuff!

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Thanks for popping by!

We’re almost ready,  we’re just  putting the finishing touches on this brand new fancy site.

I can’t wait to show you!

Soon very soon!


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